Slouchy hat

2 Apr

Slouchy hat

I made a slouchy hat to give to a friend for her birthday.

I used Gleeful Things’ Gumdrop Slouchy Hat. It only took me two evenings to finish, so if you need a quick project to make, try this pattern. It’s free and easy to follow.

I used Lion Brand Yarn Tweeds in orchid. Because it’s variegated, I didn’t have to change yarn or color.


Happy Easter!

31 Mar

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter.

28 Mar

This is such a cool looking project.

“Yoda, you seek Yoda!”  *Theme of the Force starts playing*

RECENTLY UPDATED YODA LINK!  Sorry, I had to start with a Yoda quote/flourish.  They’re all pretty memorable and well, it’s Yoda.  Needless to say Beau was very excited when I started working on him.  Especially when I told him Yoda would be close to “life” size.  I finished him much more quickly than expected, and have already had quite a bit of fun with him.  He’s very poseable (his eyelids move to give expression, as does his mouth, and his arms and legs are pretty bendable as well.  It’s funny to think that three years ago I didn’t even care to see Star Wars and now I’m making amigurumis of it (which I also couldn’t have done three years ago).  I think Beau feels a little bad for turning me to the nerd side of the force, but its hard to complain with the results.

I hope you like this pattern as…

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27 Mar

A coworker’s sister recently gave me a gift card to a coffee shop and I was really touched by it. It wasn’t a huge sum, but I was very flattered by the gesture. I wanted to do something nice for her and I remembered she said she wanted to learn to crochet when she saw me crocheting during lunch.

So made her a set of face scrubbies and facial washcloths. I made some small washcloths for myself a while back and they feel nice and clean. I hope she likes them.

The pattern is a basic v-stitch, which makes the washcloths feel softer. I modified the pattern found in the the March issue of Simply Crochet. The pattern calls to end each row with a v-stitch, but I finished it with one double crochet on the turning chain so there would be one double crochet at the start and end of each row.

I did the border in the same v-stitch also.

Recycled Glass Jars

25 Mar

Throwing away glass and plastic jars seems like waste. My city doesn’t recycle glass jars, so I feel guilty whenever we’re done with a jar and toss it. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a lot of pins where people painted glass jars and used them as vases.

“I can do that!” I thought. The church has a flower and art show and the jars would be perfect for flowers or plants.

I went back to Pinterest and read that the jars aren’t easy to paint and the results aren’t always as pretty as the ones pinned. It was over before I even started. 😦

With a huge feeling of guilt looming over me, I decided I would toss the jars which were now taking up more and more room on the kitchen counter. I felt awful about throwing them away. My husband washed each glass jar as we emptied them. He was very supportive. (He plays piano for the show.) I felt defeated.

Then I noticed some pins where people had crocheted cozies for glass jars. That I could definitely do. I could also make at least a couple each evening if I used chunky yarn. I was done in less than a week.

I didn’t follow a specific pattern. I did six single crochets on a magic ring and increased each round.  Most only required three rounds and only one needed four rounds. I then crocheted on the back stitch for the following round and continued with single crochet. For the bobble jar, I did one row of single crochet and followed that with a bobble row (then single, followed by bobble, then single, etc.). the “windows” for the orange jar are there because the glass had a pretty decoration in that area. The green one has some double crochet stitches mixed with single crochet.